Virtual interviewing poses challenges beyond what you may encounter during in-person interactions.
How then, do you handle an executive hiring process in this current environment? The following suggestions and advice are not meant to be universal in their application, but are questions to answer and guidelines to consider.
2019 Compensation survey finds that for the tenth consecutive year, senior executives who changed jobs received double-digit compensation increases.
As human resources leaders, building talent development processes for employees is a crucial step for your organization to add value and remain competitive.
A retained executive search firm places great emphasis on the search. It invests time to ensure it knows the client’s culture, understands exactly what type of candidates the client wants to consider, and evaluates whether or not a candidate will be a strong cultural fit.
It is important to understand the pros and cons of employing a roving C-Suite executive and apply them to your own situation. There is a case to be made on both sides of the coin, but as technology continues to evolve, this is a trend that will become more prevalent.
Taking the time to invest in yourself and trying to reach out to a few new people or groups regularly, will make a difference in your life and perhaps in the lives of others.
Salveson Stetson Group Named to Forbes’ Top Executive Recruiting Firms List for Third Consecutive Year
Insights into the world of CHROs, how critical the role is in an organization, and how instrumental it is in shaping the current and future growth of leading companies.

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