Salveson Stetson Group recently conducted a survey covering a broad range of topics regarding the employment, work environment and talent impacts of the pandemic.
John Touey discusses SSG's latest study on senior HR professionals and the virtual workforce.
John Touey discusses what finance leaders can do to promote a healthy psychological and emotional perspective on the current crisis.
John Touey discusses how downsizing in an economic crisis is appropriate, but cuts need to be strategic.
Sally Stetson sits down to talk with SHRM to share her insights on virtual onboarding.
Video conference software, like Zoom, makes conducting panel interviews possible during this season of social distancing.
Virtual interviewing poses challenges beyond what you may encounter during in-person interactions.
How then, do you handle an executive hiring process in this current environment? The following suggestions and advice are not meant to be universal in their application, but are questions to answer and guidelines to consider.
2019 Compensation survey finds that for the tenth consecutive year, senior executives who changed jobs received double-digit compensation increases.

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