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Social media can boost an executive's reputation and influence consumer behavior, but misuse can also damage their personal brand and company image.

Finance leaders say emotional intelligence is vital for the evolving role of CFOs. Here are 8 ways to build it.

JEVS Human Services partnered with SSG to facilitate the successful transition of a legacy CEO. Here are their lessons learned.

Use these questions in your next interview to identify a leader who can drive transformative change and improve your company culture.

Working for a PE-backed company presents unique opportunities for leaders to grow versus traditional corporate roles. Smaller companies will need a CHRO who can wear many hats, collaborate, and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Does it ever get easier? 2022 began with a promise of relief from the pandemic and a return to some state of normalcy (whatever that is) in our professional and personal lives.

Here's how to recruit and retain top talent in biotech using insights from the world's top biotech leaders.

Use this checklist to jumpstart your next CHRO search. Designed by our co-founder, this will help you hire and retain top human resources executives.

Investing in professional networking sharpens leadership skills and maximizes your career success. Here are 5 tips to grow your network.

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