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Executive Search

You have two candidates with almost identical profiles. You think you can’t go wrong with either one. Think again.

Our data-driven approach provides insights into key differentiators that allow us to understand the complexities of what sets great candidates apart. This ensures you have all the information you need to select the leader who best meets the needs of your organization and possesses the hard and soft skills required to drive success now and into the future.

Most recruiters are able to identify candidates who are actively seeking new roles. When you want to find the best talent for your organization, not just available talent, you need an executive recruiter that excels in identifying, attracting and engaging a well-rounded and diverse slate of candidates.

By partnering with Salveson Stetson Group, you gain an executive search firm that understands the nuance and challenges of your business. We believe the best outcomes in executive search come about through a true partnership between our clients and our firm.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is embedded into all that we do. We hold ourselves accountable and engage our colleagues and clients in active dialogue around our DE&I principles and values. We measure our progress on increasing diverse representation within our own teams and in our search delivery outcomes with clients. Our goal is always to create meaningful client and community partnerships, share resources and collaborate in meaningful ways.

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