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Wholesale Distribution Industry Practice

The Unique Challenges of the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Encompassing companies both large and small, the wholesale distribution industry is demanding and complex. An endless array of goods from consumer products, food and pharmaceuticals to equipment and machinery are moved through the supply chain to business customers by these firms. Nearly every job function greatly impacts the success and growth of a wholesale distribution organization. Salveson Stetson Group has worked to place executives in sales and marketing, operations, finance, technology, human resources and general management roles within these firms.

John Salveson serves as the firm’s Wholesale Distribution Practice Leader. Salveson’s views on industry leadership are outlined in a chapter he wrote for Outlook 2009, An Executives Companion to Facing the Forces of Change: Lead the Way in the Supply Chain, published by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Institute for Distribution Excellence. This publication is acknowledged as the industry standard for analysis and examination of the Wholesale Distribution sector. Mr. Salveson is also a periodic contributor to Modern Distribution Management, widely viewed as the industry’s most reliable source of news and information.

Our significant knowledge of the industry, participation in industry events and our vast array of contacts make us a leader in this market. Salveson Stetson Group is committed to identifying and presenting diverse slates of candidates, including women and people of color.

Our Experience in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Representative Clients
  • Airgas, Inc.
  • Brenntag North America
  • C.H. Briggs
  • Delaware Valley Floral Group
  • Interline Brands, Inc.
  • ORR Safety Corporation
  • TW Metals
Representative Titles
  • President
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Area Director, Human Resources
  • Vice President, Retail Marketing
  • General Manager and Vice President
  • Vice President, Retail Sales
  • Vice President, Public Relations

To learn how we can help you build your Wholesale Distribution enterprise, call Practice Leader, John Salveson, at (610) 341-9020 or email him at To view John Salveson’s bio, click here.


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