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DEI is not an initiative.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) must be embedded into all that we do as leaders. Diversity increases access, innovation, and business results while also strengthening employee engagement and retention. This is true for our organization, clients, and communities.

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By creating measurable goals that support diversity, equity, and inclusion we can do our part to ensure sustained momentum and change.

Holding ourselves and others accountable starts by engaging our teams and clients in active dialogue around our DE&I principles and values. Specifically, we measure our progress on increasing diverse representation within our own teams and in our search delivery outcomes with clients.

Beyond that, we create meaningful client and community partnerships, share thought leadership and resources as well as collaborate on and support programs and initiatives that further DE&I.


Transforming Unconscious Bias into Conscious Inclusion

Blending research with dynamic storytelling, colleagues from our sister company NuBrick Partners, Clarissa Peterson and Dave Appino, provide two strategies, Emotional Intelligence and Allyship, you can put into action today for recognizing and overcoming unconscious bias.

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5 Strategies For Recruiting Your Next Chief Diversity Officer

A diverse workforce is essential to the success of an organization. And when it comes to building strong teams, successful organizations focus on developing a more inclusive culture that welcomes and supports diverse leaders and talent.


What CFOs Can Do About Diversity

Companies that promote diversity do better financially than those that do not. If this fact is obvious, why is there such a shortage of diversity in the finance function, and what can a CFO do about it?


Diversity in the C-Suite: When All Is Said and Done, More Is Said Than Done

Diversity continues to be a sticky topic of conversation in the business world. While many companies have acknowledged the need for diverse workforces, most Fortune 500 companies have been slow to produce tangible gains within their organizations. 



From promoting inclusive cultures that create greater opportunities for representation and allyship, to addressing equity and racial injustice issues in a manner that responds to stakeholder expectations, our panelists shared lessons learned, today’s challenges and how they are approaching these sensitive issues in their organizations.

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