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Our Executive Search Process

Salveson Stetson specializes in finding great people who stay. We know that a great leader is more than an extensive resume or a sterling education. Skills alone – no matter how strong – won’t guarantee a leader’s success.

That’s where we come in. Salveson Stetson’s expertise is finding outstanding leaders who fit into your organization’s culture.

We do that through a three-phase process that ensures not just great talent – but a great fit, as well.

The Salveson Stetson Approach:
a three-pronged process to ensure a great fit

Phase I: Organizational Assessment

We begin every search with a solid understanding of your organization’s unique culture and the traits that your leaders need to succeed. We do this through:

  • In-depth meetings with members of your leadership team
  • Personal meetings with the functional team
  • Proven assessment tools

We also work closely with you to ensure the position is structured for success and the candidate profile is broad and deep to ensure a focused search.

Phase 2: Candidate Selection

Using the Organizational Assessment as the foundation, we perform precise and comprehensive evaluations of candidates. We screen not just for relevant skills and experiences, but also for the intangibles that help an executive seamlessly merge into your organization’s culture.

Phase 3: Assimilation

Our job doesn’t end when you select a candidate. We help guide your new leader’s assimilation into your organization by:

  • Developing strategies for assimilation
  • Highlighting key relationships the new leader should nurture
  • Trouble-shooting potential problem areas

Our job isn’t done until you tell us your new executive is fully integrated and contributing to your organization’s success.

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