Cliff Eason

Cliff Eason

Senior Consultant

Cliff Eason is known as an astute governance consultant and one of the foremost tacticians of the modern organizational model.

He is the chairman of the board of the Fortune 500 company Reinsurance Group of America (NYSE: RGA, $52 billion in assets) as well as the Missouri Baptist Medical Center, a thriving hospital with 489 beds, 1,400 staff physicians and 2,700 employees. He also is a trustee for BJC Healthcare, a major St. Louis health system. Prior to his retirement, he was president and CEO of SBC Communications Inc. (SBC) and Southwestern Bell Telephone. After the breakup of the Bells, he played a key leadership role in transforming Southwestern Bell, then one of seven regional companies, into SBC, now known as AT&T.

Cliff collaborates with clients to establish strong governance models, providing support and consulting to succession initiatives at the highest levels, and leveraging his experience and expertise to build strong board cultures. He ensures that boards are effective in decision-making, accountability, and staying focused on the vision of the organizations they serve. Cliff is deeply experienced in the role and responsibility of boards during times of mergers and acquisitions.

He works with executive leaders to develop alignment and focus, knowing that boards that coalesce around a common purpose are better able to build and sustain successful outcomes. Boards and CEOs appreciate his sage and candid feedback designed to develop clarity and to position them to function at the highest level possible.

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