How to Get to Be CFO of a Fortune 100 Company

Check out this article on where our very own John Touey discusses why the CFO of a mid-size company who desires to move up to the top finance role at a Fortune 100 firm may have to take on a lesser role first.

See the article here

John Touey

John Touey

John Touey is a Principal of Salveson Stetson Group Inc., and member of the management committee of the firm. He has over 20 years of experience providing executive search, human resources and management consulting services to a broad range of organizations and industries. At SSG, John manages the firm’s financial officer practice and has successfully placed senior level financial executives with several Fortune 500 companies, both in the Philadelphia region and beyond. Additionally, his functional search expertise extends into senior sales and marketing, operations, human resources, technology and general management roles. Read the full bio.

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