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Panel Discussion: CEO Succession Planning & Transition

Are you a founder or CEO of a growing organization seeking strategies to ensure a smooth transition when it’s time to step down? Or perhaps, you’re a Board member or Executive Search Committee tackling a legacy leader transition and unsure where to begin.

Come gain invaluable insights from our recent webinar on CEO succession planning with JEVS Human Services. In it, we feature our collaboration in which we partnered to manage CEO succession and facilitate the transition of a legacy CEO.

Successful Transition of a Legacy CEO

Our panelists shared their wisdom and experiences navigating this complex situation and offered a live, eye-opening course on transitioning from a founder-led to a founder-inspired organization. The distinguished JEVS panelists include:

  • Board Chair, Lisa Washington
  • Newly appointed JEVS President and CEO, Cynthia Figueroa
  • Past President and Co-Chair of the Search Committee, Jeffrey Pasek

These panelists engaged in a candid discussion with our Co-founder and Principal, John Salveson. Together, they outlined the entire recruitment experience and lessons learned. Ultimately, the discussion left attendees with actionable steps for guiding their organization through legacy leadership transitions.

A unique aspect of this conversation is the first-hand accounts from leaders. The panelists represented the key players in every transition: the founder/CEO, the Board Chair, and the new CEO.

Likewise, the discussion uncovers details of multiple journeys. We dive into every aspect from the founder’s initial thoughts to the candidate’s perspective. Adding to that, the search committee gives record of the factors influencing each member’s actions and decisions. As an executive search firm, we were delighted to explore the intricate aspects of the desires, emotions, conscious inclusion, motivations, and empowerment that contributed to JEVS’s successful CEO succession planning and new legacy leader transition.

Lesson Learned in Succession Planning

Some of the most impactful elements of this succession process involved timeless methodologies and techniques like planning, role clarity, communication and collaboration, and establishing boundaries. Additionally, the panelists shared best practices around:

  • Fostering a culture that embraces diversity
  • Equipping your search committee with the confidence to lead recruitment efforts
  • Selecting the right executive search firm tailored to your organization’s specific needs

By sharing this experience, SSG and JEVS demonstrate how to navigate this challenging situation while ensuring the remaining team feels supported, heard, and valued. With a foundation of emotionally intelligent leadership and focused attention on organizational culture throughout the process, an organization can honor a founder’s legacy while creating space for the next leader’s success.

Access the free webinar below to learn details of this successful CEO succession and transition achieved by SSG and JEVS. We invite you to share additional transition steps that have worked for you.

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