Vlog – Make Sure the Internal Candidate is Qualified

In this episode of SSG’s ongoing video series on topics of interest regarding executive search and recruitment, Sally Stetson provides some insight into our process for including internal candidates in a search assignment.

The video discusses the process of including internal candidates in a job search. She emphasizes the importance of treating internal candidates the same as external ones, ensuring they are qualified, and preparing them for interviews. Stetson also highlights the need for internal candidates to fully express their skills and experiences, as there can be a false assumption that everyone in the company already knows them. The video stresses the importance of fair treatment and communication, as unfair treatment can discourage internal candidates and potentially lead them to seek employment elsewhere. If an internal candidate is not selected for a position, it’s crucial to handle the conversation sensitively, possibly turning it into a coaching session for future advancement within the company.

Watch the video here:

SSG Search

SSG Search

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