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Time for Resolutions – I really mean it this time!

As we enter into the New Year, resolutions have been made, modified and broken.  How many times have we pledged to exercise more, eat healthier and be kinder to others and then turn around and break those commitments?  The answer is – most of the time!

As 2015 gets under way, these are the handful of pledges I have made, but also plan to really keep:

  • Live a healthier life: People who know me will most likely say I already live by this rule.  I generally have a healthy approach to eating and exercise.  However, I believe I can improve on it by being more intentional as well as realistic.  One goal is to eat more organic fruits and vegetables every single day.  I know this is doable!  Also with my new gadget, the FitBit, combined with my competitive tendencies – I plan to meet my goal of 10,000 steps 90% of the time.  This wonderful gadget silently cheers me on to get moving, and I listen to it.  I’m even starting to have “walking meetings” with my colleagues – a great way to get two things done at the same time!
  • Use technology differently: I have not been on the iPad bandwagon, but plan to be.  I now have one and intend to use it in meetings, including for sales presentations.  The iPad will also allow me to access information more effectively when I’m traveling.  It will also help in alleviating eye strain from staring at the screen on my iPhone.  Reading information on a small screen drives me crazy!
  • Work smarter: I care about our company, the people I work with and our clients – as well as the interesting work that we do.  As a result, I, like many others who actually like what they do (!), can easily get consumed by work.  In 2015, I plan a continued focus on providing high caliber work, but also balancing it with breaks.  For me, that means turning off my cell at 8:00 pm, as well as working from home or even nicer places throughout the year.  I also plan to ensure that I take breaks when I am feeling overloaded.  I am convinced that taking care of myself makes me more productive, a nicer person to my colleagues and more patient in handling anything that comes my way!

Now that I have made my resolutions public, I have no alternative but to stick with them – not only because I don’t want to embarrass myself, but I really want to make some small, positive changes in my life.  What are your resolutions, and how do you plan to keep them?

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