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Vlog – Most Efficient Interview Questions For Executives

In this video, John Salveson, Jennifer Prefontaine, Dom Scafidi, Mike MacNamara and Tammy Townes give their thoughts on interviewing candidates and asking the best questions to get the answers they need.

The video discusses various practical interview questions they use as hiring managers. The first question asks the candidate to describe their leadership style, which usually garners positive responses. The second question, “what gets you into trouble,” is intentionally vague and often elicits more thoughtful and honest answers. They also ask if anything might come up later in the interview process that they should know about. This can reveal information the candidate may have glossed over.

Another effective question is asking about the candidate’s most valued experiences, which provides insight into their values, strengths, and personality. The speakers also use a light-hearted approach to understand the candidate’s style as a leader, team member, and colleague. Lastly, they ask the candidate to share something about themselves that hasn’t been asked. This can reveal their interests, passions, and self-awareness.

Watch the video here:

Vlog Series – Most Efficient Interview Questions for Executives

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